Welcome to The LeMarco Network

A private community for entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry.

What is the LeMarco Network?

We are a creative community of entertainment industry professionals, led by Hollywood Executive Producer/Showrunner Courtney LeMarco, including actors, models, photographers, videographers, directors, producers, sound design specialists and all the creatives who work together in “the biz”. Here, we connect genuinely, hire one another in creative collaborations and expand our ongoing knowledge.


We seek to grow and support each other so we can create the best possible work and become referred, highly-sought after experts in our fields. 

We get what it’s like to be in this highly competitive industry - and what it takes to grow in it - together.

Right now, you might be: 

  • Looking for qualified quality people to bring onto your team
  • Interested in expanding your skillset
  • Wanting to be in the industry full time instead of just a side hustle
  • In a creative rut
  • Suffering from burnout and want a refresh (it is always a thing, we get it)  
  • Wanting to feel inspired by like minded people 
  • Ready to expand your connections in your field

We are here for you.

Maybe you have: 

• Started working on a production outside of your home city and need to hire people that are local to your production location

• Have begun to freelance or have started your own business 

• Switched industries or pivoted to a new specialty in your field 

• Had another big change (like going from Canon to Sony mirrorless equipment…You get it.)

We provide one another the tools and connections to excel in the entertainment industry. For real.

In this community you will… 

  • Be a part of challenges to get your creative juices flowing (and win prizes!)
  • Have access to many industry professionals to hire and be hired
  • Get feedback from your peers and our expert team; from self tapes, to your demo reel and portfolio
  • Have exclusive access to resources and tools to help you become the expert that will have other professionals referring you and help you land more of your dream projects

 Come build with us! 

Who is Courtney LeMarco? 

Courtney is most known as the Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated non-scripted series Hoarders on A&E. He owns a talent agency, VODA, and represents all types of talent including musicians, athletes, actors, and models.

“Trust your instincts. Keep going regardless. Believe what people show you. Not what they tell you. Know your limit. Never compromise when it comes to your work ethic.” 
-Courtney LeMarco, excerpt from interview in Authority Magazine